ALBERT Windshield for ORTF, XY Pair or 3-Channel

Albert windshield mounted with Scheops CCM ORTF pair

As a tribute to Albert Laracine,
main designer and pedagogue of the ORTF sound recording technique,
here is the ALBERT windshield

In its basic version, ALBERT consists of two MINIX microphones suspensions for Schoeps CCM or Sennheiser MKH 8000. Each microphone has to be naturally screwed in the connector inserted in the cradle.

The suspension mounting rail allows continuous adjustment of the distance and angle between capsules:

  • AB ORTF pair: 2 x Cardioid, 17 cm, 110°
  • AB omni pair: 2 x Omnidirectional, 20 cm max
  • XY coincident pair: 2 x Cardioid, 0 cm, 90°
  • Special pairs (example: Supercardioid, 20 cm max, 90°)
Albert windshield mounted with Scheops CCM ORTF pair and center mike

page top  Version for threee Schoeps CCM

In the 3-channel version, the central suspension is easily mounted and removed. The microphone cable is provided with a Binder plug ending.

Wished by many users, the center microphone doesn't respect academic rules, but allows more convenience in post production.

Albert windshield mounted with Scheops CCM XY pair

page top  XY Mounting

Albert windshield mounted with Sennheiser MKH 8000 pair and center mike

page top  Version for Sennheiser MKH 8000

Like the Schoeps CCM, the Sennheiser original connectors (2 or 3 mikes) are inserted in the cradle for a direct screwing of the microphone head.

Albert windshield mounted with Schoeps MSTC pair

page top  Version for Schoeps ORTF MSTC

Because of the very special MSTC dimensions, the capsules are slightly offset from their ideal positions.

Albert windshield back view

page top  Rear view of the ALBERT windshield

  • Two-tone fabric for perfect tracking and visualisation
  • Bellows: important part of the of the isolation device (Zephyx alike)
  • Stereo 2-axis swivel. Single knob (Zephyx alike)
  • 5-pin XLRM (two channels) or 7-pin XLRM (three channels)
Albert windshield fur

page top  Long hair fur

In case of high wind, the ALBERT windshield can be housed with its two tone fur cover.

However, to achieve the maximum respect for the acoustic characteristics and limit the weight and bulk, it is recommended to use this fur only when necessary!

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