OSIX Definition and Assembling Table

In addition to the shared elements, each OSIX suspension is assembled starting from distinct elements, according to the type of microphone for which it is dedicated:

A bar screwed with the swivel, of which the length defines the spacing of the insulators, and the numbers of holes determines the possible positions of the swivel:
  - N°1: 64 mm + 4 holes (3 positions)
  - N°2: 84 mm + 6 holes (5 positions)
  - N°3: 108 mm + 7 holes (6 positions)

Two metallic wire insulators , whose diameter determines the stiffness:
  - D08: Diameter 0.8 mm: soft
  - D09: Diameter 0.9 mm: hard

Dampers placed in contact with the insulators and the cradle. According to needs, each insulator is damped differently:
  - Am1: ONE unique cylinder inserted (diameter 12 mm, length 10 mm)
  - Am2: TWO stuck cylinders (diameter 7 mm, length 12 mm approximately)

A cradle fixed at the insulators, of which the length depends on the size available of the microphone:
  - N°1: 74 mm
  - N°2: 94 mm
  - N°3: 124 mm

An elastic strap of which the length is adjusted according to the diameter of the microphone:
  - S1: 44 mm
  - S2: 48 mm

page top  Index of position of the swivel according to the model of bar:


Index of position of the swivel (1 to 6), according to the model of bar (N°1 to N°3).

The "mobile" part of the swivel being screwed in two consecutive holes of the bar, these indices are thus between the holes.

The index "C" is used if the swivel is centered (OSIX ORTF).

The indication "MIC" or "XLR" gives the orientation of the bars.



page top  Assembling table of the different versions:

  osix 1 osix 2 osix 2-416 osix 3 osix 3-60 osix cmit osix ortf
Bar N°1 N°2 N°2 N°3 N°3 N°3 N°3
Front Isulator D08 D08 D09 D08 D09 D08 D08
Back Isulator D08 D08 D08 D08 D08 D08 D08
Front Damper Am2 Am2 Am2 Am1 Am2 Am2 Am1/Am2
Back Damper Am1 Am1 Am2 Am1 Am2 Am2 Am1/Am2
Cradle N°1 N°2 N°2 N°3 N°3 N°3 N°1
Strap S2 S1 S1 S2 S2 S2 S1
Swivel Position 3 3 1 4 2 2 C
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