Thanks to all those sound recordists who made me work as a boom operator, with less than perfect equipment.

Thanks to Jacques Jouhaneau and Alexandre Garcia from the CNAM Acoustic Laboratory who gave me vibro-acoustic data.

Thanks to Laurent Poirier and his assistants for the very first tests on the early prototypes - which were less than effective.

Thanks to Erick Ferroud Plattet who had to wait for 14 prototypes before the right one emerged (a stereo pair MKH 30/MKH 50).

Thanks to Eric Devulder who asked me to make a windshield for an MS Schoeps pair. I wonder whether this stuff is still going after so many films!

Thanks to Pierre Tucat who didn't need others to make up his mind before getting with this project.

Thanks to Jean Casanova who looked into the project - for his active and spontaneous contribution.

Thanks to Jean-Paul Mugel, Sam Cohen and Yves-Marie Omnes for their combination of constructive technical help with a human groundwork.

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Duret who validated the last prototype before it went into production.

Thanks to Nicolas Cantin who went across India just to check that the ORTF stereo prototype would still work still far away.

Thanks to Joaquim Pinto for positively open the international horizon!

Thanks to all the staff of DC Audiovisuel and especially, Serge Bosc - for their enthusiasm.

Lastly, I would like to thank Michel Durrande - the president of DC Audiovisuel who gave his immediate, exemplary and faultless support for this project.