User's Reviews about OSIX Suspensions


I congratulate you. The suspension seems to be prefect.
I used it yesterday indoors [...] the tests carried out with Dominique were very encouraging. There was no noise - even with very sharp movements. It's a real success. I will take a second one immediately...
... I await any of your future developments because what you have done here is so much advanced compared with the equipment that one has been using since always...



This new suspension is really very effective, very well thought out and the boom noises are entirely suppressed.

Michel is charmed by the sound; the result is perfect. Indeed, it becomes very difficult to make boom noises with such a suspension.
As a boom operator, I find it compact and easy to use. Every detail has a function and it is comfortable to handle. This suspension is so efficient that, even while remaining motionless, I can see that the microphone gently vibrates which shows that the system will even absorb involuntary vibrations.
I need hardly add that I now always use your suspension. Cheers and thank you.



Firstly, these are excellent tests. I feel that one will break the money box!


Guillaume SCIAMA

Congratulations on this suspension. It's careful completion shows a real progress with all that we could use up until now [...] and I particularly assess his qualities in every "violent" moments during repetitions when the boom operator adjusts the length of its pole without desired delicacy etc. Moments where your ears are saturated with infra basses are now nothing any more but an old memory...
...Let me know about future projects.


Olivier le VACON

We are at year 1 of the microphone suspension. There was the life before and there is now the life after OSIX. But we await the continuation impatiently.


Jean Pierre FENIE

Only one word: cheer and thank you for our ears and stress!!!



Just bought one of your wonderful shock mounts, and I'm very impressed with the design and performance - no more of those annoying rumbles at a crucial moment in the dialogue.


Nils de SITTER

I am proud to have a OSIX CMIT and many thanks for making this piece of art!!!!!



Cheer for your suspensions, I work with one of those since may on a film and not any boom handling noise...



At the time of a shooting in collaboration with Tapages, I could have rent two OSIX suspensions (one for Schoeps, the other for MKH 60), and I was impressed by their effectiveness and their capacity of boom handling noises insulation. I go immediately to acquire two OSIX for my next shooting!!! Cheer for the design and to have known to answer waitings of the professionals!!!