PIANISSIMO protective shell

page top  Following the success of the PIANO, the PIANISSIMO is mainly designed for the new generation of short shotgun microphones and coincident stereo, surround sound combinations and in fact all kind of mikes shorter than 21cm.


page top  Easily transported, the PIANISSIMO is very light, robust and adaptable, with all the recognised qualities of the existing range of Cinela windshields.

Compatible with:

  • Max length of mike: 21cm... or a little bit more!
  • DPA 4017, Sennheiser MKH 8060, Sanken CS1...
  • Schoeps CMC, CCM (with A-CCM-CMC)
  • Schoeps CMC + CUT1
  • Sennheiser MKH 40/50, etc...
  • Numerous M&S combinations
  • Many double M&S combinations
  • Unlimited custom possibilities!

Length: 32cm
Maximum diameter: 16cm
Weight: 330 grams without fur
but with suspension, XLRs and main cover

Length: 40cm - Maximum diameter: 17cm

PIANISSIMO Main cover fabric
PIANISSIMO cage structure

page top  Aerodynamic ovoid shape and maximum internal volume around microphone acoustic sections for high wind resistance.
The primary covering is a 2mm thick 3D fabric to provide a very good first level wind protection for a total acoustic transparency.

page top  Very light and unbreakable cage. Constructed in two parts, the lower and upper pieces clip together at six points by simple friction.

PIANISSIMO suspension support
PIANISSIMO cage isolator

Detail of a cage isolator

page top  The central support has two positions enabling the fitting of numerous different size microphones or combinations.

Small fixing points on the cross for an optional fixation of Binder plugs panels.

Cinela's exclusive cage suspension for maximum isolation from vibration and handling noise.


page top  21cm microphone on the first fixing point at the rear of the support.
The mono version using the new OSIX series with elliptical isolators.
Total interchangeability of suspensions between PIANO, PIANISSIMO and the OSIX 7,8 and 9.


page top  9cm microphone on the second fixing point at the front of the support.


page top  Example of M&S system with detachable Binder cable connected to the figure of 8 microphone.
Main microphone connected via XLR3F. Output via XLR5M.


page top  Double Schoeps M&S system (2 x CCM4 + 1 x CCM8) with 3 detachable Binder cables
using a second Binder panel.
Output via XLR7M using a single 3mm cable.
Special adaptor for CCMs made to measure using 3D printer.

PIANISSIMO swivel detail

page top  Standard PIANO 1 swivel, single axis with XLR holder. The swivel is tightened using a toothed wheel, which permits a firm grip with light force.

Second secret swivel, only adjustable with the help of a screwdriver. Very useful for stereo applications. The swivel and cable turn in a block on the central axis. As standard, unlike the PIANO, the PIANISSIMO turns on both axes, but can be locked for mono use.

PIANISSIMO Swivel main axis
PIANISSIMO Swivel secret axis
PIANISSIMO Long pile Fur
PIANISSIMO Kelly rain cover




page top  Like all the other versions, there are additional protective covers available, Long and short fur and the very effective KELLY rain cover.

page top  The standard versions (PIANI-1, PIANI-2, PIANI-3) have XLR outputs on 3, 5, and 7, pin connectors. For the mono version the cable connection is a direct XLRM-XLRF. All the other versions have intermediate Binder connections. It is even possible to use up to 4 channels via two Binder panels and outputting on 3mm multiconductor cable.

An upgrade is easily accomplished by removing the central part and passing the XLRM through the opening.

PIANISSIMO wiring kit

page top  Finally, for transport, the PIANISSIMO comes with an unbreakable transparent shell made from polycarbonate.

PIANISSIMO protective shell