“RF” option for all cables

The reference RF-OPT is NOT a physical article. It’s a line to add in your PO to indicate a special RF option for any article that integrates a cable (or a cable itself).

The RF option is the addition of:

  • Special cable with hard braided shield (internally oiled for friction noise suppression)
  • Metallic caps for all XLRs (male and female)
  • Internal RF filter (chokes), generally in the female XLR.

A cable with RF option is strongly protected against interference (hiss and various noises) generated by the use of digital transmitters…but a “perfect” operation can never be guaranteed!

Faced with digital transmitters, some microphones do not even need this type of protection (Schoeps CMC1, Neumann KM184/185 and others), while others will remain unusable even with an oversized shielding (Schoeps CMC5, Neumann KM140/150 and others)