COSI, Long cage, mike diam. 19mm (4017C)

Ideal adaptation: DPA 4017C (short body preamp).

Can be adapted to the DPA 4017B (“medium” preamp), or 2017, by allowing the XLR to protrude at the rear.
The microphone is no longer completely fixed in the holder, which is held in place only by friction. Care must be taken, however, to respect the ideal positioning of the acoustic part inside the cage.

Note: the 4017B is too long for the COSI-XL-19 (+3cm relatively to the L cage), but the 2017 has the prefect fit with COSI-XL-19 !


Compatible microphones

  • Awaiting product image
    DPA 4017B
  • Awaiting product image
    DPA 4017C
  • Awaiting product image
    DPA 2017