Pianissimo MS for MKH8060 and CCM8

Windshield XLR5M for MS pair Sennheiser MKH8060 and Schoeps CCM8

The Reference PIANI-2-8060-CCM8 is composed of:

  • Main cage and swivel two axis
  • MS Suspension Module with crossed isolators and dedicated clip.
  • Binder holder (2 detachable plugs)
  • 3D Primary fabric
  • Fur: to be precised (FUR-LP: long piles; FUR-SP: short piles)
  • Polycarbonate shell

Plenty of other mikes/configurations (Mono, MS, XY…) possible with proper suspension module and wiring.

Weight: 335grams with Suspension Module and primary 3D fabric (without fur).
Size: Length 32cm, Max Diameter 16 x 14cm


  • Supension Modules for 1 or 2 mikes
  • Long or Short Pile Fur: PIANI-FUR-LP ou PIANI-FUR-SP
  • Rain Protection PIANI-KELLY

Simple upgrade to XLR3M or XLR7M with the Kits PIANI-CAB-1 or PIANI-CAB-3

Compatible microphones

  • Awaiting product image
    Schoeps compact CCM 8 Fig 8 , Lemo
  • Awaiting product image
    Sennheiser MKH 8060 , XLR
  • Awaiting product image
    Schoeps mini CMC 1 L + MK 8, Lemo