PIANISSIMO windshield XLR5 (MKH30/40, Fur)

Windshield designed to accommodate a MS pair MKH30 and MKH40 (or 50).
Available in a “dedicated” or “versatile” version.
Please specify when ordering.

  1. “Dedicated” version: Better performance (wind protection and handling noise) but it is impossible to install other microphones (suspension permanently fixed). Crossed-isolator suspension and low positioning for optimized placement. XLR5M out.

  2. “Versatile” version: like all the standard versions of Pianissimo, it is very simple and quick to interchange the suspension module and the cables. This flexibility is achieved by accepting a positioning of the microphones “in compromise” (slight shift upwards) and the use of elliptical insulators (reduced size, but less good isolation of the Fig.8 MKH30). Double Binder Holder (internal) and XLR5M out.

Compatible microphones

  • Awaiting product image
    Sennheiser MKH 30
  • Awaiting product image
    Sennheiser MKH 40/50