NAB 2024 contribution !

The Sennheiser MKH8030 (Fig.8) is finally launched !
Great news for sound lovers.
Very wide frequency range in the lower end  and very low noise floor. Very impressive!
Waiting for other adaptations, we’ve planned two MS versions:
Zephyx (Z-8030-8040) and Pianissimo (PIANI-2-8030-8040).
To be discovered in the catalogue.
We’ve redesigned the suspension for this magnificent MS pair, but given the high sensitivity of the 8030, the use of the MZF II filter is strongly recommended (70Hz +18dB/oct).
Depending on use (boom), and the need to be protected against handling noise, it is even recommended to supplement this ‘anti-rumble’ (MZF) with softer, higher-frequency filtering, on a case-by-case basis.